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Goal Party

Idea Diary

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Idea Diary is a guided journal that keeps your ideas chronicled and archived. This bright teal hardcover book is an idea organizational system, as well as gorgeous book decor!

Date and fill out pages as often as you would like. The hardcover should keep your notes safe, and look cool on any shelf... even if it's just collecting dust for a while. Write in the prompted journal pages for a two-page overview of how you can strategize and implement your thoughts and goals. Use the following blank pages to write, draw, brainstorm, collage, mindmap, visualize, daydream, think, doodle or simply journal whatever is on your mind that you would like to archive in your Idea Diary. Use those pages to expand your mind and imagination in your favorite medium style that works for you.

Complete each set of four pages. Then, start again when you have time to sit and organize inside your Idea Diary.

Idea Diary is a part of the series of hardcover books with a variety of guided journaling exercises to help keep your different thoughts catalogued and archived in different areas of your life. You can pick from a variety of topics to choose from. Each hardcover book available is designed in its own unique color. When displayed on a shelf or coffee table, the series of diaries from Goal Party keep a space organized and coordinated as book decor.