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Goal Party

Handwriting Diary

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The Handwriting Diary is a bright colorful journal to keep neatly on your shelf waiting for you to start practicing your penmanship. Beautiful handwriting can bring many benefits to your life such as better memory retention, higher testing results, faster learning, and an increased IQ. Taking time to practice neater handwriting can also be relaxing, meditative, and boost self-esteem.

Take the time to work on your hand muscle memory by duplicating signatures, numbers, block and cursive letters. Practicing neat note taking, and writing full handwritten letters to friends is a skill that will bring value to your future in many ways. There is a lot of space in the journal for you to choose how to best practice your handwriting.

Writing down notes and goals can help you fine-tune exactly what you want, and aids in getting dreams to happen faster. If you are keeping your thoughts chronicled, archived, and organized in one place, putting forth the extra effort to have charming legible penmanship will take the experience to the next level.

This diary also invites you to work on the lost art of the handwritten letter and invitation writing. Think of all the loved ones you will make smile when they receive a delightful, elegant, and memorable personal note from you. Effortlessly express gratitude with the classy lost art of letter writing by practicing your skills with The Handwriting Diary.