Meet Valerie

Valerie Aiello grew up as a teenager in the 90’s in Austin, Texas. She enjoyed going to all-ages shows at Emo’s and Liberty Lunch, as well as having late night chips & queso any day of the week. She spent a decade living in Los Angeles, playing guitar in the neighborhood of SilverlakeWhile in LA, she designed over 100 album covers and packages, created and executive produced several projects as Art Director at CMH Records such as Rockabye Baby!, Indie Translations, The Holiday Party, and Carter Falco, just to name a few. 

Valerie made the move back to Texas to marry Ben Ballard (Born to Lose, Threes Away, Granite Top Games), and to continue her work on branding and developing projects. What’s on Valerie’s release schedule now? Currently, she is working on Indie Dev VR Games with her husband (Pin City, Pom Pilots and Mini-Fuzz). Valerie also continues to work on writing her books, work on her Goal Party Diary Series, and hosting her business lifestyle podcast, Idea Diary. Now there is also an interview podcast with a goal focus named, Goal Party Podcast. Check out the shows where you like to listen to podcasts!

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